Infographic Posters with Icons
Design Challenge: Design a 4-icons infographic poster. 
Design Process: I designed 3 different infographic posters about dyslexia to raise awareness about this neurobiological condition that results in difficulties with word recognition, spelling, and decoding text. It is the most common learning disorder and impacts one in five people or about 20% of the US population.  
Design Areas: Illustration Design, Graphic Design
Dyslexia Infographic Poster #1
I chose a book design since dyslexia is first diagnosed while reading. I used letter glitch and font distortion to demonstrate the everyday reading struggles of a dyslexic mind. 
Dyslexia Infographic Poster#2 
I created a chalkboard design to represent the school environment where most of the learning disorders get to the surface for the first time.
Dyslexia Infographic Poster#3 
Another variation of a chalkboard design with more intense letter glitch and font distortion. 
Full-Color Event Poster 
Design Challenge: Design an event poster for the George Mason University School of Theater about their upcoming annual playwright "Water".
Design Process: I used a variation of the color blue and also mimicked a water reflection to represent the current year's theme "water" on the poster.​​​​​​​
Creating 2D poster with Motion AR in Mind 
Design Challenge: Design an event poster in Illustrator and prepare its layers to be animated in After Effects and Artivive (augmented reality). 
Design Process: I designed my poster with 5 separate layers so I can animate multiple design elements simultaneously. See my final motion and AR posters on the "Motion Design" page.

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