Drawing with Types 
Design Challenge: Retrace an animal picture in Illustrator, then recreate it using the letters from its name.
Design Process: I used various combinations of the 7 letters from "Sea Turtle" (S, E, A, T, U, R & L) to recreate the original image.  
Design Area: Typography
Type with Character ​​​​​​​
Design Challenge: Create typefaces that embody the essence of their respective words.
Design Process: To capture a delightful summery vibe, I decorated the typefaces with a luscious blend of melted chocolate and strawberries.
Type as Design Element: Embracing Bauhaus Aesthetics in iPhone 13 Pro Ad
Design Challenge: Create an advertisement for a contemporary product while drawing inspiration from a historical graphic design style of your choice.
Design Process: I created this ad for the iPhone 13 Pro (2022) inspired by the iconic Bauhaus style. The focal point is the letter "P" creatively formed by three dynamic circles, symbolizing the phone's three optical lenses. Additionally, the baseline of the letter "P" ingeniously doubles as the letter "I" representing "iPhone." 
In keeping with the timeless aesthetics of the 1920s Bauhaus movement, I used a minimalist color palette, clean lines, asymmetric layouts, and geometric designs. To complement the overall look, I opted for rounded typefaces that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Bauhaus design. The result is a seamless blend of modern functionality with the timeless elegance of Bauhaus aesthetics.

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