Complex UX Design Brief From Ideation to Clickable Wireframes (AVT 409)
Design Challenge: Brainstorm a product idea and define potential digital solutions to the defined problem (1). Create a complete UX brief from ideation to clickable wireframes, that could be handed to a funding source or developer (2).    Conduct the research necessary (including surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis) and create all the supporting documentation (survey analysis & results, affinity diagram, persona, and research summary) required to defend the design decisions (3). Create a content strategy, storyboard, task analysis, user flow, sitemap, wireframe, low and high-fidelity prototypes, app icon, and logo design focusing on the theories and principles of design (4). 
Design Areas: UX Research, UX Design, UI Design

Click the button below to see my full UX/UI brief.
Click the button below to test ProCharge in action. Simply click through the slides as if you were using a mobile app. Also, check out the short video I created to introduce ProCharge using Adobe After Effects. 
Wireframe and Sitemap 
Design Challenge: Create a wireframe (desktop and mobile versions) and a sitemap of George Mason University's home page (
Home Page Wireframe
Home Page Sitemap
Website Home Page Design With Custom Logo
Design Challenge: Design a high-fidelity homepage design with a custom logo

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